Creative Writing – Workday Mornings

Workday mornings
Tired head
Sleepy eyes

Struggling to drag myself out of bed
Lure of a warm duvet
Cocoon myself back inside
A morning butterfly
The quiet house distracted by
The rhythmic dripping of a leaky tap

All I want is to lie here with you
The world drags me into the ring to fight
You are always in my corner
On workday mornings I never see victory

Body unsteady
Drunk morning legs
Hands outstretched

Grasping for my dressing gown
Peering through half closed eyes
The morning light an examination of retinas
As I struggle to keep them open.
Shower like smelling salts
Plunging me back into the land of the living

I just want to lie here with you
Just ten minutes more
Warm feet on a cold floor
Let the world do what it’s going to do
I just want to lie here with you

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